Every business has it’s own unique set of tools to perform various tasks each day required to keep it moving forward. One of the most important tools of an Internet Marketer is some kind of email marketing software such as Aweber. This software tool is also know as an Autoresponder.

A most important feature of this software is click tracking. This feature keeps track of how many times a link is clicked and who clicks it.

The other day I sent out a broadcast message to my subscribers the same way I’ve been doing it for quite a while. The only difference this time was that I really needed to know how many people actually clicked on the links I had placed in the email and were taken to the predetermined destination I had picked out for them.

The next day I went into Aweber to check my stats only to find that no one had clicked any of the links I had put in the email. Well I knew this was not the case because of some of the results I was getting due to people clicking on my links.

Something was askew and I had to find out what it was. Watch this video to see what I found out.

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Jeff Sargent

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