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There’s this misconception amongst bloggers that every time they leave a comment on your blog that they are getting a free one way backlink.

Surprise! Not if you’re using WordPress.

By default WordPress puts the NoFollow attribute in your blog comments so when the web spiders come along they ignore the link, as far as Page Rank goes anyway. Thus you don’t pass along any link love to your visitors by giving out a free one way backlink.

If you want to give some link juice to your commenters you have to remove the nofollow attribute that WordPress takes upon themselves to place in the source code.

So that’s exactly what it is I do. I strip out the NoFollow attribute using the “DoFollow plugin for WordPress” and Voila!, now I have what is called a DoFollow Blog.

Some may say I’m nuts for bringing this to your attention because of all the unscrupulous people out there just looking for this kind of DoFollow blog where they can dump their three or four word spammy comments just to get a free backlink.

Well at this point in time I disagree. At least until I’m inundated with spam to the point where I’m spending more time deleting spam comments than I am replying to good quality comments about the subject I have written.

I believe that if someone takes the time to come to my blog and leave a relevant comment of value to my readers then I think the least I can do is reward them for it by giving them some link juice in the form of a one way backlink.

There’s a lot of controversy about the DoFollow plugin because some will say you will get more spam but I don’t seem to get any more spam now than I did before I installed it.

The jury’s still out on this though and until the spam really starts interfering with what I’m doing I’m going to keep doing it my way.

What does work great at keeping spammers at bay is the Akismet SPAM plugin. Just make sure you have this WordPress plugin installed as it does a great job.

There’s another really cool tool (at least I think so) that I use which quickly tells me if I’m getting any link juice or not.

It’s called the NoDoFollow Firefox Add-on. Obviously you need to be using the Firefox web browser. For those of you still using Internet Explorer isn’t about time to take off the training wheels and use a real web browser.

Now I don’t go out hunting for these so called dofollow blogs but it is kind of fun to use it when I’m commenting on blogs just to see what’s going on.

It highlights all links on the page in different colors telling you which ones carry the NoFollow attribute and which ones don’t.

You will quickly find out as you’re scouring the Internet for blogs to comment on that by far and away most of them will be of the nofollow type. But don’t let this deter you from commenting on them.

As long as the blog owner attaches the link of your choice to your name, that’s all you should be concerned with. If you leave a really great comment other commenters will see what you’ve written and they will want to click on your name to take a trip on the wild side to your site and see what you’re all about.

Let me just clear up something before I leave.

There really is no such thing as DoFollow. It just means it doesn’t have the NoFollow attribute which stops Googlebot (Google’s spider) dead in it’s tracks, at least when it comes to passing along some page rank for that particular link.

I made this video to further explain what’s said here. The video is just under 10 minutes long and I realize it makes this whole post rather long but I think it’s worth watching.

I would like to see more people make their blogs DoFollow as it encourages readers to leave comments on your blog. And we all know we can always use more comments.

til next time…

Jeff Sargent

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