My Goals For Success In 2010


We’ll start off by wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s hard to believe but yes, it’s 2010 and I wonder how many of you have made New Years resolutions. I used to make new resolutions every year but that’s when I was much younger. Now I figure I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m entitled to have a few vices so no more resolutions for me. Besides let’s face it, most of us have blown it by the end of January.

5 Tips For More Comments On Your Blog

You know what, I just want to go on a little rant today.

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or maybe it had something to do with the fact that it’s only 35 F outside and Old Man Winter is knocking on our door.

I was just on Twitter going through my Direct Messages
trying to answer some of them and I found one of interest
and it led me to their blog.

Upon arriving at their blog I gave it the quick eyeball
glance and it looked very nice. You know the ones I mean,
easy on the eyes.

Well here I am almost a month later after I told you I was doing a major overhaul of my blog and if memory serves me correctly I said I would be done in a couple of days. So much for meeting my deadline. I just ran into many unexpected problems along the way and the final straw was when I couldn’t get online for three days. Three days may not seem like much but in Internet time it’s like an eternity. And if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you I must admit that I just got lazy for awhile and took some time off to boot.

I’m Doing A Major Overhaul Of My Blog

Hopefully this will be my last post using this theme. Not that I don’t like this theme it’s just that I’ve grown tired of it and I think it’s time for a change. This theme was actually a little hard to maintain. Some things just didn’t work right and I had to do too much coding to correct them. Hopefully I can spend less time coding and more time posting as this new theme is much easier to maintain. I’ve been pondering changing it for some time now but there just never seems to be enough time in the day.

I’m going to be giving an audio interview with my fellow Marketing With Alex students Mark Call, Garry Parkes and Mark Austin. The interview will be posted sometime in January on I will let you know as I find out a few more details.

When I was asked if I wanted to do this at first I said you’ve got to be kidding me, what have I got to offer. There must be some more interesting people than me they could be interviewing. But then I thought why not me, I have as much to offer as anyone else.

How I Plan On Driving Traffic To My Blog

I’m back. I finally managed to pry the snow blower and shovel out of my hand long enough to sit down and write this post. The last time I talked to you was last Friday and I told you how Alex Jeffreys was holding a competition for his students. He’s going to give away $1,000 to the one who has the most traffic to their blog in a two week period.

I also said I was going to tell you what I’m going to do to drive traffic to my blog before I do it, then I will post the results on my blog.