We’ll start off by wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s hard to believe but yes, it’s 2010 and I wonder how many of you have made New Years resolutions. I used to make new resolutions every year but that’s when I was much younger. Now I figure I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m entitled to have a few vices so no more resolutions for me. Besides let’s face it, most of us have blown it by the end of January.

Okay, now for the reason I’m writing this post today. As I was sipping on my coffee looking out the window at the snow falling (again) I paid a visit to a few blogs of people I know and they have already posted their goals for 2010. Congrats to those of you who have done so and best of luck reaching those goals.

When I woke up this morning I had no intentions of posting my goals for this year because I haven’t even thought about it. For crying out loud, it’s only Jan 2. I haven’t even had time to reflect on what happened last year.

Okay, give me 30 seconds.


Well that didn’t take long, but I didn’t need much time to figure out what went wrong in 2009.

It’s simple.

Even though I had some success it wasn’t quite what I had expected. I simply didn’t do what I set out to do.

I’m going to liken last years experience to a horse race.

Out of the gate I came out strong as I just finished Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program and was all fired up and ready to knock em’ dead. As I approached the first turn I was still going strong.

Coming out of the first turn onto the backstretch is when I noticed I was starting to falter.

I was losing my focus.

Halfway down the backstretch my legs started cramping and thought I was going to pull up lame but I kept on pushing.

As I started into the stretch turn I had worked out the cramps and regained my full stride again.

I had my focus back and was ready to finish the year with a bang.

Coming out of the stretch turn my legs felt it again and I turned wide almost into the outside rail.

Starting to lose focus again.

Going down the stretch I started to pull up again and was falling back in the field.

At the wire I had completely lost it and spit the bit.

I’ve completely lost focus now and was going in a different direction.

I want to start out the new year with blinkers on to block out any distractions and keep me focusing straight ahead.

With that being said I’m going mention a few of my goals for this year but as I mentioned in the beginning of this post I haven’t even given it a thought yet but these are what I came up with as I was writing.

  • My list is just over 1,000 subscribers now and I’d like to hit 10,000 subscribers by year end. I’m aiming high. If you want to do an adswap let me know in your comment.
  • My traffic has always been in spurts so I’d like to have a substantial increase in steady traffic to my blog.
  • I’m really going out on a limb here as I haven’t created my first product yet. But this year I’d like to create one new product each quarter.
  • Sometimes I go through long stretches without posting to my blog so this year’s goal is to write one post a week.

These aren’t all my goals as I told you I hadn’t given it any thought until now. But these are the four things that give me the most trouble. To some this may not seem like a lot but to me this is going to be a ton of work. If I can pull this off any other goals that I set for myself should take care of themselves.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll see you at the Race Track early in 2011.

BTW, if you want to put down your goals you’ve set for 2010 here in your comment please feel free to do so.

Jeff Sargent

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