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I was up late last night when the highly anticipated release of Alex Jeffreys latest ebook named Newbies Nightmare occurred. Believe me, all I wanted to do was to go to bed as I was so stinking tired.

But I knew this ebook was coming out and I wanted to read it as soon as I could. The Newbies Nightmare is a short 45 page ebook so I started reading it even though I could barely stay awake. I basically read the whole ebook with one eye closed but I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished. Yes it’s that good.

Back on Dec 23, 2008 I made a post here on how I was going to drive traffic to my blog. Well, I can tell you that I have done everything I said I was going to do except join Squidoo. And I did start to see an increase in traffic. Now before I say anymore or post an image of my results I want to state that in an earlier post I did say I would keep you up to date on how I was doing, good or bad.

This is how I was doing just a couple weeks after starting Alex Jeffreys coaching program.

I’m going to be giving an audio interview with my fellow Marketing With Alex students Mark Call, Garry Parkes and Mark Austin. The interview will be posted sometime in January on I will let you know as I find out a few more details.

When I was asked if I wanted to do this at first I said you’ve got to be kidding me, what have I got to offer. There must be some more interesting people than me they could be interviewing. But then I thought why not me, I have as much to offer as anyone else.

David Smith is a fellow Alex Jeffreys student who I just met online last night.

I was just out perusing some Alex Jeffreys student blogs and I came across his name. Turns out he has either created or purchased over 100 videos on many tasks that any internet marketer is going to have to do at some point in time.

I dropped by his blog and posted a comment and I told him I would try and pass the word about his videos because I don’t think many of the students know about them.

A Plug For My Friend And Fellow Student Garry Parkes

I just came from a friend of mines blog and he’s made a post about getting a slice of $1 Million. If you’re a student of Alex Jeffreys then you need to go read this at Garry’s blog.

Garry Parkes, one of my fellow students of Alex Jeffreys coaching program called “Marketing With Alex”, is working on something really great. He is calling it “The Profit Pulling Project” which will be like a road-map to success. He plans on publishing it bi-weekly in ebook form around 20 pages long.