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Ways To Reap The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

Everybody with a business enterprise may benefit considerably from search engine optimization.  The internet has taken the modern world by storm and it’s about time that every single company owner make use of the web to generate all the more revenue from your business enterprise.  The field of internet marketing has opened up to a myriad of folks and it definitely doesn’t require a genius to be familiar with some basic information about search engine optimization.  Understand tips on how to take advantage of a number of high quality SEO procedures right now.

1.  Supply high quality content.  Many of us are in the business community having a single common goal which is to build an income as well as increase earnings.  One simple step with search engine optimization should be to present some true, top quality content in your market you work in.  Quality content is going to give your site some integrity as well as keep your customers coming back for far more.  People today want to know they can have confidence in an entrepreneur and providing quality subject material will certainly build this trust.

2.  Create one way links for your site.  This is most likely just about the most vital SEO methods that one could know.  It takes just a couple minutes to be familiar with exactly how to get it done.  You are able to publish your articles in which we mentioned in step number 1 to article directories and be sure to build a hyperlink back to your internet site.  That is all you’ve got to do!  This can be achieved using blogs and community forums also.  Search engines really like back links plus the more you construct for your internet site the more likely you are to be positioned among the best in search engines.

3.  Finally, when you’re at a loss even utilizing the initial pair of basic measures then it would be wise to seek advice from certain SEO software products and solutions.  They are terrific methods that may help you along your SEO path.  Consider Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack for instance.  It is a greatly ranked search engine optimization product that individuals are enthused about.  Browse the AffiloJetPack review to get a glimpse of what you might be benefiting from by using SEO supplements such as this one.  There are numerous goods like it and it will be your decision to select what one is most beneficial.

You probably think that you’ve put together all the greatest search engine optimization approaches which you possibly can for your personal site.  You might be correct up until this point however if you are not integrating mobile or portable internet marketing together with your other internet marketing techniques then you’re lagging behind.  Mobile phone marketing has taken over in a major way.  It should not come as a shock if you ever look at how many mobile customers there are across the world now.  You will find virtually billions of people with cellular devices.  This outshines desktop computer consumers by a long shot.  It would simply be the better choice for you to get current with the most recent marketing approaches to be able to give yourself the ability to increase your own profit.

1.  You may be missing out on the opportunity to enhance your internet site targeted traffic by millions.  Initially you might evaluate that statement and be a bit cynical.  If you consider the quantity of mobile web users versus desktop computer consumers the info really should be clear to you that one could be snatching up these individuals as well as catching all of them as your target audience.  Mobile phones happen to be ever-changing and consumers are thrilled to find out just what brand new application they are able to download next.

2.  You could be missing out on the ability to increase Google ranking.  With conventional web marketing you have to implement the most beneficial search engine optimization approaches.  The same is true with mobile advertising.  If you’re feeling as if you haven’t any notion how to start with SEO intended for mobile then it could be a good idea to look into a number of software packages designed specifically for cellular marketing and advertising.  Adam Horwitz features a product identified as Mobile Monopoly.  This will likely help you to understand a number of mobile or portable marketing techniques.  Examine the Mobile Monopoly review to find out if it has what it takes to benefit you.

3.  In the long run, when you stick to the traditional internet marketing tactics and steer clear of the new and imaginative arena of cellular promotion then you’re missing out on an opportunity to produce a lot of money.  The final goal at this point is to generate profit and continuing to do so by staying present with the internet marketing world.

Now that you are aware of these chances that one could be passing up on by failing to tackle the cellular advertising world, it would be a great idea that you start now.  You can open yourself up to a completely new world of fiscal victory.

A Closer Look At CBPredators

A Review of CBPredators, a new marketing software by Chris Fox. Read about its essential features from a webmaster and internet marketing perspective.

CBPredators allows webmasters and online marketers to make complete sites simply with a few clicks of the mouse. The interesting thing, which sets this software apart from others, is the fact that it will create complete affiliate review sites with all the site content and settings ready to go.

WordPress is being used as platform to make those websites. Those sites will already be highly SEO optimized for high search engine rankings and traffic from the search engines.

The system works from an online interface where a user can choose a desired affiliate marketing product, for example from ClickBank. After some clicks, a complete site is created, in far less time than was possible before.

CBPredators uses WordPress which is very good in terms of SEO. Most webmasters who are successful online today use WordPress as their platform of choice. The fact that this new software uses WordPress sets it apart from other, far more simple site builders. Such web sites based on wordpress are very powerful, and CBPredators will create exactly that.

For the webmaster and online marketer this means enormous time savings creating sites with this system. Not only will the web sites already have content like product reviews, making tedious writing of content for a site obsolete. It will also save time which you would otherwise spend on SEO efforts if you would build sites the old way. In fact, the creators say that there is no additional SEO needed at all, its simply optional.

Being able to create complete and optimized sites in very little time simply with a few clicks is very attractive and provides big potential for all kinds of online endeavours, entrepreneurs and online businesses.

For the seasoned marketer this means that those can now simply scale up and expand their income streams, digging into more niches and sites in less time. The newbie marketer and webmaster can create optimized sites “like a pro” without the need to have in-depth knowledge of site design, let alone SEO.

I think that CBPredators is a solid system using proven techniques. Each site it creates will be a long term way to make money with affiliate income. You can make a web site in 15 minutes with it, but each such site can be an income stream for years to come.

Five Steps to Building Your List With Giveaways

Today’s post is written by David Walker who runs a make money online blog and recently hosted a successful JV Giveaway. After adding over 3,000 subscribers to his mailing list in little over a week, David explains how to use giveaways effectively to build your own.

1. What is a Giveaway & Where to Find Them?

To put it simply, a giveaway is a time-limited, free membership website where marketers (known as contributors) submit their “gifts” (often a free info product) so that members who register can download them.

However, a member has to join a marketer’s mailing list in order to download the product they want, usually via a squeeze page.

Giveaways are traditionally promoted via “word of mouth” with a marketer sending a sign-up link to their mailing lists or posting them on their blog.

There is an updated giveaway list on this blog so make sure you bookmark it and check it often for details of new events to get involved in.

2. What You Need to Contribute

The barrier to entry is very low and all you need to participate as a contributor is a product to submit to the giveaway, an autoresponder and squeeze and thank you pages. Here I will go through each in turn.

a) A Free Product

In terms of personal branding and originality, it is more beneficial to offer a product you have created rather than a tired old product which you have resell/redistribution rights to but has done the rounds for months on end.

You can create a short PDF report which solves a specific problem and you can also add your own personal story, links to your blog and other affiliate products to personalise and monetise it at the same time.

If the thought of doing this terrifies you, then you could always take a Private Label Rights (PLR) product and thoroughly edit it to make it your own.

Your free product does not have to be a report – it could be an instructional video, an MP3 interview conducted with a fellow marketer, a software product or a script

b) An Autoresponder

This is what collects your prospect’s name and email address when they want to download your free product and also sends them the download link automatically – it’s a completely hands-off process!

There are several autoresponder services to choose from but I personally use Aweber.

c) Squeeze & Thank You Pages

You should create a very simple squeeze page which has your autoresponder opt-in form embedded into it and brief information about what your product is all about.

Similarly, rather than just emailing your new subscriber a direct link to the downloadable file, send them to a download page instead. You can put the download link on this page as well as some “unnanounced bonuses” – free downloads which have your affiliate link embedded so you earn commissions on any backend sales.

3. Identifying Quality Events

There could be 20 or even more giveaways running at any one time so identifying the quality events which attract large numbers of contributors and members will help you build your list a lot faster.

All giveaways have a “paid upgrade” option whereby you can enjoy a more prominent position for your gift within the download area in addition to other benefits, such as being able to submit more than one gift, upload banner adverts, text adverts or even a paid product for people to buy.

BUT, not all events are created equal and the majority are not worth your upgrade dollars!

By involving yourself in giveaways every month you will become an expert at sussing out the great events from the duds. You will notice the same people hosting events which pass by relatively unnoticed month after month and you will spot others who always put on a great giveaway.

Two of the big players when it comes to giveaways are Guido Nussbaum and Rodger Hyatt. An event backed by either of them is usually successful and worth the upgrade fee.

4. Promoting a Giveaway

The traffic (i.e. new contributors and members) arrive at the giveaway initially by the contributors promoting it to their lists and when the giveaway goes live, members are able to promote too.

However, new marketers may find themselves in a Catch 22 situation. They want to use the giveaway to build their list but they are unable to promote it.

Some events are not very “newbie friendly” and “downgrade” a contributor’s account to that of a member if no signups are recorded under their ID. This means the contributor’s gift is removed and they are unable to get any new subscribers.

Personally, I think this is unfair and giveaways should be about giving newcomers a helping hand. I know how difficult it is to build a list in the early stages and in my giveaway I had a “no downgrades for no promotion” policy, meaning your account would NOT be downgraded if no referrals were recorded.

Unfortunately, this policy is not used by the majority of giveaways so you will need to promote the event by other means if you don’t have a list at all. Hit up your contacts on Skype, use Twitter, Facebook, forum signatures and/or write a blog post about the event and hopefully you will get a couple of referrals to save your account from the dreaded downgrade.

5. The Next Step – Hosting Your Own Giveaway

Where you will really add numbers to your list is by hosting your own giveaway. By doing so you can add every contributor and member who registers to your list and when I did this myself, I added over 3,000 new subscribers!

I would not recommend a newbie hosts their own giveaway due to the technical requirements of installing a script such as Scott Cases’s Ultimate JV Giveaway or Guido Nussbaum’s Giveaway Manager.

But, if you are at a stage where you are confident of handling an installation and have made enough good contacts who will be happy to give you a leg-up and promote the giveaway then go for it! There is quite a bit of day-to-day work involved in setting up and maintaining the giveaway but it’s a lot of fun as well.

I wrote a blog post, giving 10 reasons why my giveaway was successful and recorded a short “behind the scenes” video to show you the subscriber numbers, traffic and also earnings you can expect to achieve from hosting your own event.

Aweber Click Tracking – How Not To Do It

Every business has it’s own unique set of tools to perform various tasks each day required to keep it moving forward. One of the most important tools of an Internet Marketer is some kind of email marketing software such as Aweber. This software tool is also know as an Autoresponder.

A most important feature of this software is click tracking. This feature keeps track of how many times a link is clicked and who clicks it.

The other day I sent out a broadcast message to my subscribers the same way I’ve been doing it for quite a while. The only difference this time was that I really needed to know how many people actually clicked on the links I had placed in the email and were taken to the predetermined destination I had picked out for them.

The next day I went into Aweber to check my stats only to find that no one had clicked any of the links I had put in the email. Well I knew this was not the case because of some of the results I was getting due to people clicking on my links.

Something was askew and I had to find out what it was. Watch this video to see what I found out.

til next time…
Jeff Sargent

My Goals For Success In 2010


We’ll start off by wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s hard to believe but yes, it’s 2010 and I wonder how many of you have made New Years resolutions. I used to make new resolutions every year but that’s when I was much younger. Now I figure I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m entitled to have a few vices so no more resolutions for me. Besides let’s face it, most of us have blown it by the end of January.

Okay, now for the reason I’m writing this post today. As I was sipping on my coffee looking out the window at the snow falling (again) I paid a visit to a few blogs of people I know and they have already posted their goals for 2010. Congrats to those of you who have done so and best of luck reaching those goals.

When I woke up this morning I had no intentions of posting my goals for this year because I haven’t even thought about it. For crying out loud, it’s only Jan 2. I haven’t even had time to reflect on what happened last year.

Okay, give me 30 seconds.


Well that didn’t take long, but I didn’t need much time to figure out what went wrong in 2009.

It’s simple.

Even though I had some success it wasn’t quite what I had expected. I simply didn’t do what I set out to do.

I’m going to liken last years experience to a horse race.

Out of the gate I came out strong as I just finished Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program and was all fired up and ready to knock em’ dead. As I approached the first turn I was still going strong.

Coming out of the first turn onto the backstretch is when I noticed I was starting to falter.

I was losing my focus.

Halfway down the backstretch my legs started cramping and thought I was going to pull up lame but I kept on pushing.

As I started into the stretch turn I had worked out the cramps and regained my full stride again.

I had my focus back and was ready to finish the year with a bang.

Coming out of the stretch turn my legs felt it again and I turned wide almost into the outside rail.

Starting to lose focus again.

Going down the stretch I started to pull up again and was falling back in the field.

At the wire I had completely lost it and spit the bit.

I’ve completely lost focus now and was going in a different direction.

I want to start out the new year with blinkers on to block out any distractions and keep me focusing straight ahead.

With that being said I’m going mention a few of my goals for this year but as I mentioned in the beginning of this post I haven’t even given it a thought yet but these are what I came up with as I was writing.

  • My list is just over 1,000 subscribers now and I’d like to hit 10,000 subscribers by year end. I’m aiming high. If you want to do an adswap let me know in your comment.
  • My traffic has always been in spurts so I’d like to have a substantial increase in steady traffic to my blog.
  • I’m really going out on a limb here as I haven’t created my first product yet. But this year I’d like to create one new product each quarter.
  • Sometimes I go through long stretches without posting to my blog so this year’s goal is to write one post a week.

These aren’t all my goals as I told you I hadn’t given it any thought until now. But these are the four things that give me the most trouble. To some this may not seem like a lot but to me this is going to be a ton of work. If I can pull this off any other goals that I set for myself should take care of themselves.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll see you at the Race Track early in 2011.

BTW, if you want to put down your goals you’ve set for 2010 here in your comment please feel free to do so.

Jeff Sargent

Awarding One Way Backlinks For Blog Comments

one way backlinks

There’s this misconception amongst bloggers that every time they leave a comment on your blog that they are getting a free one way backlink.

Surprise! Not if you’re using WordPress.

By default WordPress puts the NoFollow attribute in your blog comments so when the web spiders come along they ignore the link, as far as Page Rank goes anyway. Thus you don’t pass along any link love to your visitors by giving out a free one way backlink.

If you want to give some link juice to your commenters you have to remove the nofollow attribute that WordPress takes upon themselves to place in the source code.

So that’s exactly what it is I do. I strip out the NoFollow attribute using the “DoFollow plugin for WordPress” and Voila!, now I have what is called a DoFollow Blog.

Some may say I’m nuts for bringing this to your attention because of all the unscrupulous people out there just looking for this kind of DoFollow blog where they can dump their three or four word spammy comments just to get a free backlink.

Well at this point in time I disagree. At least until I’m inundated with spam to the point where I’m spending more time deleting spam comments than I am replying to good quality comments about the subject I have written.

I believe that if someone takes the time to come to my blog and leave a relevant comment of value to my readers then I think the least I can do is reward them for it by giving them some link juice in the form of a one way backlink.

There’s a lot of controversy about the DoFollow plugin because some will say you will get more spam but I don’t seem to get any more spam now than I did before I installed it.

The jury’s still out on this though and until the spam really starts interfering with what I’m doing I’m going to keep doing it my way.

What does work great at keeping spammers at bay is the Akismet SPAM plugin. Just make sure you have this WordPress plugin installed as it does a great job.

There’s another really cool tool (at least I think so) that I use which quickly tells me if I’m getting any link juice or not.

It’s called the NoDoFollow Firefox Add-on. Obviously you need to be using the Firefox web browser. For those of you still using Internet Explorer isn’t about time to take off the training wheels and use a real web browser.

Now I don’t go out hunting for these so called dofollow blogs but it is kind of fun to use it when I’m commenting on blogs just to see what’s going on.

It highlights all links on the page in different colors telling you which ones carry the NoFollow attribute and which ones don’t.

You will quickly find out as you’re scouring the Internet for blogs to comment on that by far and away most of them will be of the nofollow type. But don’t let this deter you from commenting on them.

As long as the blog owner attaches the link of your choice to your name, that’s all you should be concerned with. If you leave a really great comment other commenters will see what you’ve written and they will want to click on your name to take a trip on the wild side to your site and see what you’re all about.

Let me just clear up something before I leave.

There really is no such thing as DoFollow. It just means it doesn’t have the NoFollow attribute which stops Googlebot (Google’s spider) dead in it’s tracks, at least when it comes to passing along some page rank for that particular link.

I made this video to further explain what’s said here. The video is just under 10 minutes long and I realize it makes this whole post rather long but I think it’s worth watching.

I would like to see more people make their blogs DoFollow as it encourages readers to leave comments on your blog. And we all know we can always use more comments.

til next time…

Jeff Sargent

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